White Tailed Deer

Mother and Fawns


White Tailed Deer Painting

 11 x 14 inches

Original Acrylic on Canvas, SOLD


    In this wildlife nature painting of a White Tailed Deer family, they enjoy a rest in the sunshine by a secluded corner near the edge of a riverbank. Combining wildlife into this intimate scene, these deer hear a splash in the water, and are cautiously looking towards the sound. The later afternoon sun softly highlights the rocky outcrops and trees on the hills behind, while in the foreground, bright colours and fine details enhance this scene, creating a peaceful reflection of nature.

   White Tailed Deer are very timid animals. Always on the alert for predators, they bound away in huge strides when they sense danger. White Tailed Deer get their name because when frightened, the underside of their tails flip up, flashing white with every bound as the deer makes a hasty retreat into the forest.  During the warmer seasons, White Tailed Deer forage in fields and through the forest, eating wild grasses and leaves. They often forage in famer's fields, much to the dismay of the farmer if there is a large herd living nearby. In the winter, the deer paw with their tiny hooves down to grasses under the snow, and will stand up on their hind legs to reach cedar boughs during heavy snow cover. A harsh winter in the northern regions of Canada will often result in many White Tailed Deer starving to death.  


Note: All my prices are in Canadian Funds. Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada. My original acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas, and are sealed three times for protection. The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings.

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