Ruffed Grouse

Ruffed Grouse Nature painting
 16 x 20 inches,  Original is in a private collection

  Available in print

  This finely detailed painting of a Ruffed Grouse standing on a rocky outcrop, shows off his finely feathered plumage against the dark forest and field in the background. He keeps watch while scratching in the dirt for bugs and grubs amongst the fallen leaves of autumn.

 Close up view of Ruffed Grouse 

    Ruffed Grouse are well equipped for survival in the wild against predators with their methods of camoflage. Their colors blend into the background of woodlands where they raise their brood. When sensing danger, Ruffed Grouse often remain motionless until the danger has passed, or until their statue-like stance has been discovered. When the mother hen warns her chicks of danger, they will often grasp a leaf with their feet, and lay upside down under the leaf until the mother gives them a safe signal to come out. Often foxes and other predators will pass them by without detection, but when Ruffed Grouse feel danger is imminent, they fly off into the trees in a flurry of wings. Male Ruffed Grouse have a unique mating ritual to attract females in the springtime called drumming. Drumming consisting of a series of thumps created by rapidly beating their wings against their bodies. As they drum and strut around, they spread their tail feathers in an elaborate display, another method of attracting female Ruffed Grouse during the mating season.


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