Pine Martin

On the Prowl


Pine Martin Hunting

 9 x 12 inches

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Sold

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   Pine Martins are a member of the weasel family. This realistic nature painting features a Pine Martin searching for moles and mice along a rocky outcropping at the edge of a field. Note his sharp little eyes and lovely flowing blonde mane on his neck and chest. Martins are fast, strong and agile. Pine Martins have lots of energy and leap from tree to tree looking for squirrels. Martins also forage along the ground poking their heads into crevices in rock piles, hollow logs and holes in search of prey.


Note: All my prices are in Canadian Funds. Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada. My original acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas, and are sealed three times for protection. The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings.

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