Lake Superior

Peace, Be Still


Lake Superior Landscape

18 x 24 inches

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed SOLD


   This colourful landscape painting of Lake Superior depicts a pieceful day when the winds are calm, the water a deep blue with gentle waves lapping upon the sunlit rocky shoreline.

   Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in North America demands respect and can be very deceiving. Lake Superior can change from a peaceful and still body of water, into a turbulent maelstrom in a very short time. There have been many a shipwreck on the lake, with the Edmund Fitzgerald being one of the most famous and recent one, occuring in 1975 when 29 men lost their lives. Lake Superior, created when the glaciers receded, has a scenic variety of shorelines ranging from powdery soft white sand, to jagged rocks and cliffs that are near to, or impossible to traverse.

Note: I give thanks, and credit to Robert W. on, a photo sharing site, for kindly granting me permission to use his photo as a reference for my painting.


Note: All my prices are in Canadian Funds. Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada. My original acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas, and are sealed three times for protection. The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings.

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