Great Blue Heron

Stealth on the Crystal River

Blue Heron painting

 24 x 30 inches

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed $750.00 Purchase

 Also available in print

 Successfully capturing the sullen attitude of this Great Blue Heron and the moody atmosphere of the Crystal River was a challenge I was pleased to accomplish in this painting. The Great Blue Heron standing silently against the subdued lighting of the river evokes a shroud of mystery and intrigue.  

Close up photo details of the Great Blue Heron

 Great Blue Herons remind me of a prehistoric bird. Whether flying majestically overhead or standing motionless while hunting for food, the Great Blue Heron is graceful and elegant. For years their numbers were  dwindling, but now thankfully under protection, they are on the come-back.  Their hunting methods are ingenious. They stand motionless, watching the shallows of swamps, rivers and lakes until an unsuspecting frog, minnow or even a mouse ventures close enough to catch. With lightning speed, a Great Blue Heron explodes into motion, using his long neck and beak to claim his meal.

Note: I want to thank, and give credit to photographer blondecavefish on, an online photo sharing site, in granting me permission to use her photo for reference in my painting. The photo was taken on the Crystal River in Florida, USA.


Note: All my prices are in Canadian Funds. Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada. My original acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas, and are sealed three times for protection. The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings. 

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