Grandma's Shed of Memories

Old Shed

 11 x 14 inches,  Original is in a private collection

  Available in print

   My Grandma's shed was situated in a sunny little meadow behind her house, built long before my siblings and I were born. As I worked on painting this nostalgic little scene of my grandmother's shed, it brought back wonderful memories. I created this painting from a small snapshot taken by a family member one autumn day, years ago. Even back then, the green siding on the shed was fading and the roof was losing shingles, but it had stood the test of time. The blue sky and autumn colours of the leaves are a nice contrast behind the dark green shed.

   I included the creaky weather beaten old door, left slightly ajar. We pushed it aside just enough to squeeze through into the dark, dank interior smelling of must and mothballs. The shed held a wonderful array of things to examine such as my grandfather's rusty old tools, pocket treasures, an old set of snowshoes, and strange nameless objects from another era. 
  I like to imagine that everyone holds a special place in their mind like my grandma's old shed painting does for me, to bring back your own wonderful memories of your grandparents, and days gone by.  


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