A Common Loon, Breaking Silence

Common Loon in Northern Ontario

  11 x 14 inches

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed $250.00 Purchase


   A painting of a solitary Common Loon calling to his mate in the early evening near a rugged rocky shoreline in Northern Ontario. The reflections of the loon and the jagged rock formation are mirror-like on the calm surface of the lake. The clinging vines of green foliage growing across the pastel pink, purple and rusty coloured rocks creates an interesting colour combination with the black and white Common Loon in the foreground. I took the reference photo for this scene when we were out on one of our many fishing excursions on the lake we go camping at every summer. When I saw how beautiful the reflections were, and the Common Loon was in a perfect position, I immediately reached for my camera.


Note: All my prices are in Canadian Funds. Free shipping to Continental USA and Canada. My original acrylic paintings are on stretched quality canvas, and are sealed three times for protection. The photos of these paintings were taken in daylight (no flash), but may not show true colours due to monitor settings. 

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