Amish Country Trails

Amish Horse and Buggy on a Country Trail painting

16 x 20 inches

An Amish Farm and Country Painting,

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed $400.00 Purchase

 Also available in print

  Combining the lush greens of summer, the cool dark shadows from the trees along the trail, and a sun-lit farm meadow, this country painting features a quaint Amish scene portraying a typical Amish horse and buggy riding along a quiet country road. I enjoyed working on this Amish painting, because it was enjoyable to work on a warm summer scene during our cold winter up here in Northern Ontario.

   Being at one with nature, Amish people shun the modern technology of the fast-paced world most of us live in today. They live simple lives on a farm, growing their own crops and use horses to work their farm fields and provide transportation. Seeing them riding along the edge of highways makes me wonder how their horses remain calm with the sounds and noise of motorized traffic passing so close by. I hope to add to my Amish farm and country paintings in the near future once I can get more reference photos to work from.



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